Betting at Sportsbooks

Online casino players wager on other things besides casino games on the Net these days. In fact, sportsbooks even offer odds on many other events besides sports. Recently, players have even been able bet on the awards shows you find on TV. The best thing about wagering on offerings at sportsbooks is that they provide better odds if you place bets early-on, they have good discounts on bets placed during certain days of the week – some sites will even post chat rooms with actual linesmakers at the sportsbook. If you are looking for a different kind of Internet wager (other than typical casino games) be sure to check-out a reputable sportsbook today.

When you decide that you want to wager on sports from an online casino sportsbook, be sure to get acquainted with a couple basic tips first. Learn about point spread, totals, and the money line when sports wagering. It is easy to log-in and place a wager on the Net, but in order to make a good judgment call when doing so, be sure to bone-up on sports data first. For example, if you want to wager on football, be sure to read the sports page of an Internet newspaper and get the latest stats, analysis, and even gossip regarding football. By doing so, you will be better informed when deciding which team or player to wager on when online gambling.

When wagering at an online casino, you are playing to win, no doubt. Here are a couple quick things to keep in mind when dealing with odds of winning. Probability is the likelihood that a specific event will occur. Odds are one way to express probability. Odds describe the amount you’ll be paid after winning a wager. This will rarely be the same as the true odds for the wager. Expectation tells us how much we can expect to win or lose on a certain wager. The house edge indicates the percentage of a wager that, on average, will go to the casino. In general, the lower the edge, the greater the chance of winning when online gambling.

Take a break if you think you feel that you are losing emotional control when wagering at an online casino. Having a bad wagering streak can make you a bit crazed when playing. If you (at any time) fell yourself attempting to win back a large amount of money that you just lost – take a break, be rational and think calmly about your situation. Can you afford to keep wagering more (and risk more) to recover the original amount you just lost online gambling? Remember, never make make emotional decisions when playing. If you make decisions based on stressful situations – like trying to win your money back – you are likely to lose even more trying to recover your stakes. Only lose what you can afford to lose – then stop.

Popular Casino Games and Tips to Play

Craps Tips

When playing craps at online casinos, get comfortable with the pass, come, and free odds wagers. The only good wagers are the pass, don’t pass, come, don’t come, free odds, and placing the 6 and 8 wagers. In the beginning, stay with the pass line and a come wager or two (with odds). The house edge is good for pass (1,41%) and don’t pass (1.36%) wagers. By laying odds, these numbers will be reduced, too. It’s best to ignore all systems when online gambling and playing craps. This game is full of energy and excitement. Just be sure to be familiar with the above wagers before you start playing this popular game. Have fun!


In the US, roulette is not you best bet at a winning online casino game. The house advantage for an American roulette wheel (a standard 38 number wheel) is 5.26%. When playing roulette, never make the 5 number bet (0,00,1,2and 3). It’s house edge is a whopping 7.89%. When online gambling, look for a place that provides surrender, which cuts the house edge to 2.63% on even money wagers. Always look for European (37 numbers including a single 0) wheels too. The house edge on all wagers is 2.70%. If you find that en prison is offered where you are playing, the house edge is only 1.35%. It is rare to find this, though. No betting system will change the house advantage when playing roulette, but the game is very exciting.

Texas Tips

When playing Texas Holdem at online casinos, play few hands from the early position. You’ll save money in the long run by not playing too many worthless hands. If you are new to this very popular online gambling poker game, you will want to err on the side of caution. Again, you will save money. Don’t bluff bad players when playing Holdem, To beat a bad player, you’re just going to have to show down the best hand. Know your opponents. Are they more likely to call to keep you honest or are they more likely to fold? Keep these few tips in mind when playing this very popular game.

Poker Wagering

Without wagering, poker would just be a game of luck and the best hand would always win. Wagering is the key to poker, and minimizing losses when holding a poor hand while maximizing wins with good hands is what online casino poker is really all about. Every wagering interval requires a check or a wager from the first player to act. When online gambling, make sure you get all you can out of poker playing. There is more to the game than the best hand held. By making proper wagers and at the right time, you may win even if you don’t have the best hand.

Most of our poker winnings from online casinos don’t come from our own intelligence but from out opponent’s poor decision making. Choose the game with the weakest opponents. A poker game full of weak players who call too often but are reluctant to raise with a strong hand will do fine when online gambling. After all, if you can’t win against players who call too often – will you be able to ever win at all when playing poker?

In Pai Gow Poker, the joker is usually used for aces, straights, and flushes, but at some online casinos, it’s completely wild. Check to see before you start playing. 5 aces is the highest hand, followed by a royal flush as so on. To win, you must beat both of the banker’s hands with both of your hands. Bankers win ties. Always check your hand for straights and flushes first, then accordingly to basic strategy rules. The best way to win Pai Gow when online gambling is to be the banker. To do that you must be willing to risk enough money to cover 6 to 14 times the table’s minimum wager.

Different Poker Games

Stud Poker

Poker is a game of chance, skill and psychology. The skill comes in knowing how to play each hand at an online casino. The more you know about the make-up of a deck and the rules of the game when online gambling, the more likely you are to make to right decisions when playing. It’s hard to bluff successfully if you have tell-tale signs that you show personally. As you get more experienced when playing stud poker, you will be better at handling the psychological aspects of the game – just don’t forget about them while you are learning. Many times, they are what separates winners from losers and pros from amateurs.

Pai Gow Poker

In Pai Gow Poker, the joker is usually used for aces, straights, and flushes, but at some online casinos, it’s completely wild. Check to see before you start playing. 5 aces is the highest hand, followed by a royal flush as so on. To win, you must beat both of the banker’s hands with both of your hands. Bankers win ties. Always check your hand for straights and flushes first, then accordingly to basic strategy rules. The best way to win Pai Gow when online gambling is to be the banker. To do that you must be willing to risk enough money to cover 6 to 14 times the table’s minimum wager.

Video Poker

One way to beat an online casino video poker game (really) is to hit a high-paying Royal Flush. This takes longevity( playing longer on less money), which you can do by playing 9/6 and 8/5 machines. Online gambling in this manner takes a bit of time. When playing a video poker game with a large progressive pot, always play the max wager. When given the choice between 2 different progressives (on the same type of machine), always play the one with the bigger jackpot. never hold a kicker unless you are drawing 4 cards. Don’t draw to an inside straight unless it’s an ace high one.

What CS:GO’s Cheating Problem Means for the Game

CS:GO is not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination. It has its issues from tick rate, (Stream) To smurfing (Stream) To toxicity. (Stream) But none of these issues stack up to Counter-Strike’s biggest problem. Cheating.

(Stream) So we all know that cheating sucks, and what’s even worse is that it often feels like Valve isn’t actually doing anything about it. CS:GO’s lack of an intrusive anti-cheat system has left a lot of people without any faith in the existing VAC system. See, CS:GO is a really attractive game to cheat in, partly because of its snappy combat. Here’s a Valve at a GDC talk in 2018 “The design is this very satisfying combat experience where almost any weapon in the game can be a one-shot kill But that does also sort of fail to disincentivize cheating.” The game is also relatively cheap and easy to run compared to games like Call of Duty or Battlefield. It’s also extremely easy to start up a new account once one of your old ones gets banned.

So there are a lot of cheaters. According to SteamDB, thousands of people get VAC banned every single day, and when a wave hits, 60 thousand people can get hit by the ban hammer all at once. It’s at the point where real great plays from honest players are being called out as an example of a cheater who hasn’t been caught yet.

“It’s the same pattern. He locks on the enemy that starts doing his weird f*cking shape. This one’s right on crisp clean lock boys.” So, what does Valve do to combat cheating.

The current system works on two fronts. The first is VAC, which looks for identified and installed cheating programs, and also checks the game files to make sure nothing’s been tampered with. The other front is Overwatch. Overwatch lets a selected group watch a reported players matches to determine if they’re cheating or not. If enough people vote that the player is a hacker they get hit by the banhammer But that existing system is exactly why cheating has flourished in CS:GO. So Valve began developing VACNet in 2016 after massive community outrage regarding the cheating issue.

“Only thing the community was talking about was cheating. It was this just deafening conversation.” They silently deployed it at the beginning of 2017. “Here we deployed VACnet and you can see hey we started getting more convictions, that’s great.”

VACnet is a deep learning tool that works to get as many people into the Overwatch system as possible. “VACnet gets a conviction when it submits a case it convicts 80 to 95 percent of the time.” Valve also developed a trust score system designed to put cheaters in matches with other cheaters. This makes sure that they play with each other while clean players play with other clean players.

In theory as VACnet gets rolling and more and more cheaters get banned the game should feel more fair That’s because when those cheaters return to the game, they’ll all be matched up against each other due to their trust score But the issue is that the game’s top players have already left Valve’s matchmaking system. And while they’ll be under VACnet’s watchful eye it all seems like too little too late. The community has found something of a solution to the cheating that runs rampant on Valve’s official matchmaking servers. ESEA and Faceit offer third-party pay to play servers with robust anti-cheat systems. FaceIt even has a free version with a lot of the same benefits. Neither Valve nor ESEA or Faceit want to show their hands and reveal exactly how their anti-cheats work, which makes sense.

If no one knows how the anti-cheat works then cheaters will never be able to beat it What we do know is that both ESEA and Faceit use intrusive anti cheats, which check what else is going on in your computer while you’re playing, and Valve uses a much simpler system. “ESEA can f*cking watch porn with me. Let me tell you dude I could f***ing pull up a porn thing and some f***ing dev over at ESEA can watch it with me having a grand ol’ time. It’s very intrusive. So they have to let you know that it’s very intrusive. They can tell you exactly what the f*** you’re doing on your comp homie.”

And that’s not the only reason that CS:GO players have switched over. Faceit and ESEA boast servers with 128 tick. The rate at which the server refreshes. That’s double what Valve has and something the community has wanted for a long time.

There’s also a general understanding that players are going to be less toxic and more serious on these services because they’re often paying for the right to play. Now that’s not always the case, toxicity usually finds a way to seep through. (Stream) And Rank S and FPL, the top ranks on the servers, don’t have a lot of spots to go around. Which means only the best players get to have that experience.

But overall third-party software provides the best experience for CS:GO pros to play against other pros. Faceit and ESEA even offer payout for the top performers in each region at the end of the season. This system affects real players from Silver to Global from Rank D minus to S. From Bronze to Pro League.

No matter where you play though, if you’re an unknown or a less known player, people are more likely to assume you’re cheating than that you actually earned your rank. And the most recent example of this is 17 year old Faceit Pro League player d0cc. D0cc ripped his way through the Faceit ranks and made it to Pro League, all without ever using a mic. Communication is key in high-level CS and this was pretty unusual. (Stream) He even streamed his games but with no camera, And again No mic. This gave him an air of mystery that led to a lot of online speculation about his actual skill.

On the surface d0cc is a really talented player. He’s even gotten some praise from top pros. (Stream) But the overwhelming voice of people accusing d0cc of cheating overshadowed his skill. Fellow Dutchman ChrisJ reached out to help d0cc prove his innocence But he refused. “I asked him if he could come over and play from my place But he says he cannot come until he’s 18. It’s like whatever if he doesn’t want to prove himself, then it’s strange to me but I cannot force him.”

d0cc eventually met up with Faceit in the Netherlands to play under supervised conditions and prove his legitimacy so he could join the ranks of FPL. Sure he passed but his reputation is tarnished. If d0cc ever chooses to pursue a career in CS:GO later on in life, those accusations of cheating or going to haunt him and d0cc’s story is eerily similar to Ropz. Ropz was an up-and-coming player in the EU FPL and just like d0cc, he had to deal with plenty of accusations of cheating early on in his career. “He might be cheating actually.

He does like these quick looks. That’s so weird bro. Like why are you doing that.” “And did it.

He did it right after he got the kill. I think it’s just one of these things where he has an OCD twitch. I don’t think he cheats. I don’t think they’re right about that, you gotta watch all his streams and see why he’s looking there. I think it’s just some OCD.” The community picked apart every aspect of his play to try and prove that he was cheating.

And just like D0cc, Ropz’s eventually travelled to meet with Faceit employees and play under supervised conditions to prove his legitimacy. He also passed and is now a pro player playing for Mousesports. Faceit might trust our anti-cheat but after years of dealing with cheaters running rampant on Valve’s official matchmaking services, They don’t trust anyone. The lack of pros on matchmaking is a unique problem to CS:GO. League, Dota, Overwatch, all the major esports titles have pros in the highest echelon of their matchmaking servers. CS:GO on the other hand is so broken that it needs third parties to come in and clean up the mess.

“To really have fun in the game and feel like you’re playing anything close to what pros play. You tend to need some third party service, that’s not really the case in League of Legends that actually got a fairly decent ranked system. Overwatch likewise, not really the case.”

But Valve is off to a good start when it comes to fixing matchmaking. The new more efficient anti-cheat is unbelievably important for the longevity of a competitive multiplayer game. They can change the server and even tackling smurfing might bring a lot of players back. But none of that is ever going to matter to the top level of players. They’ve left matchmaking behind and as ESEA and Faceit are rapidly improving there’s basically no downside to playing on them. Besides some players’ monthly fee.

Sure the vast majority of CS’ casual audience will reap the benefits of Valve’s changes, but the pros are never coming back.

Managing Your Gaming Time

You can calculate pretty closely how long your gaming money will last at an online casino, depending on which games you play and the amount you plan to wager. If you multiply each wager you make by the house edge of the particular game you plan to play then multiply that result by the number of wagers you can make in each playing session, you can get a general good idea of how much the online gambling playing time will cost you. For instance, say you are playing $5 blackjack against the house edge of 2%, at the rate of 60 hands per hour, you can expect to lose about $6 an hour – ($5 X .20) X 60 = $6).

A great way to get information about new online casinos is to keep-up with daily news articles you can find on many gaming websites. Most high-quality sites will keep their visitors up-to-date on new online gambling casinos and the latest happenings in the Internet gaming community. The more information you obtain from reliable news articles the better off you will be when making any Net gaming or wagering decision. For example, a news article may point players in the right direction for the best odds they can find on the Net regarding a sporting event and more.

Before you decide which game to play at an online casino, be sure that you understand the different strategies that are typically used on the Internet casino game you want to play. For instance, if today ids the day that you want to play Texas Holdem, be sure that you have first brushed-up on the many different wagering strategies that players use for this game. Like, betting the flop, betting the turn card and so on. By understanding each casino game’s strategy before you bet, you will be more likely to make better decisions that will lead to larger amounts of money to be won.

Many online casino fanatics out there will tell you that the best time for betting on the Internet is when the casinos are giving away huge sign-up bonuses. While this may be a small reason to play at a certain time, you will want to be sure your personal online betting reasons are the best. For instance, times when you have extra disposable money, or when you are in a great mood – these are the best times for wagering on the web. Most importantly, internet betting needs to be entertaining as well as monetarily rewarding. If you find your self betting on the web in order to pay your rent – this is definitely not the best time to gamble.

How to Make Money Playing Skillz Cube Cube

Hello everyone! Today I’m gonna show you… How to win money in Cube Cube. Through some mobile app gameplay in today’s tutorial. Hey there my name is Mikey Slice. If this is your first time here…

I do videos on how to make money from Skillz… AND by live broadcasting on Twitch. If that’s something you’re interested in… Make sure you subscribe, and hit the bell, to get notified when I have new content coming out. So for those of you that aren’t familiar with Cube Cube. It’s a game that’s like Tetris but without the gravity. You can place these pieces wherever you’d like and you’ve got to get ten horizontally or ten vertically and once you do they disappear and you get some points for clearing the row. You’re gonna get matched up against another opponent you can play for free, or for money.

If you want to play for money the lowest you can play for is a dollar. Which you put in 60 cents your opponent puts in 60 cents the winner is gonna get a dollar. The company “Skillz” is gonna get 20 cents for running the tournament. So you guys are both gonna get the exact same board the exact same time control and whoever scores the highest in that time wins the dollar. Alright now we’re gonna actually play for $1 here.

As you can see the entry fees 60 cents. I’m going to pause it, because I don’t know what’s going on here. Why it keeps doing that alright now that we got the technical difficulties out of the way let’s continue the dollar game we got going on. Increased speed. Lower playback speed in settings to see real time. Alright as you can see my opponent was not as good as I was.

So I ended up winning $1, but there’s a bunch of different things you can play for. So there’s tournaments which have more than one person in them you could play for a hundred dollar tournament which cost $33 and 86 cents to enter. Four people enter into that you got a win round 1 and round 2 it’s like the semi-finals in the finals. If you win both rounds you win a hundred bucks oh you win $66.14 and Skillz makes 33 dollars and some odd cents. It’s the biggest cut that Skillz takes. You know it’s a nice reward when you win, but gotta win one out of three to break even and two out of three to make money.

Then you’ve got the head-to-head matches which you can play for as little as $1 or as much as $200 What’s the greatest thing about this game is the “Ticketz” system which allows you to win no matter what. So no matter what the results of the game is you win Ticketz. You don’t win more for winning or get less for losing get the same amount every time the more you earn the easier it is to earn more. If you play The Clash of the Titans you get 10,000 tickets Which I get a 6 times multiplier because I play this game religiously. Which is transferable to every other Skillz game too, so if you play like…

I play Bubble Shooter the most, and even though I don’t play Cube Cube as much I still get a 6 times multiplier because it’s on the Skillz platform. So you get 10,000 tickets that’s multiplied by 6 for me so in 3 minutes I make 60,000 tickets. Which you can redeem for all kinds of different things…

Bonus cash, phone cases, t-shirts. The best value for you guys would be the $100 bonus cash for 1.1 million ticketz. Or you can redeem your tickets for Amazon gift cards for 2.2 million tickets for $100 it’s all up to you whatever you feel like is best for you.

Alright! If you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up! Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell to get notified when I have new content coming out.

AND if you want me to go over another Skillz game make sure to leave it in the comments below. As well as any other questions that you have about Skillz, because I’ll be more than happy to answer them. Thanks for watching have a good one!