How to Make Money Playing Skillz Cube Cube

Hello everyone! Today I’m gonna show you… How to win money in Cube Cube. Through some mobile app gameplay in today’s tutorial. Hey there my name is Mikey Slice. If this is your first time here…

I do videos on how to make money from Skillz… AND by live broadcasting on Twitch. If that’s something you’re interested in… Make sure you subscribe, and hit the bell, to get notified when I have new content coming out. So for those of you that aren’t familiar with Cube Cube. It’s a game that’s like Tetris but without the gravity. You can place these pieces wherever you’d like and you’ve got to get ten horizontally or ten vertically and once you do they disappear and you get some points for clearing the row. You’re gonna get matched up against another opponent you can play for free, or for money.

If you want to play for money the lowest you can play for is a dollar. Which you put in 60 cents your opponent puts in 60 cents the winner is gonna get a dollar. The company “Skillz” is gonna get 20 cents for running the tournament. So you guys are both gonna get the exact same board the exact same time control and whoever scores the highest in that time wins the dollar. Alright now we’re gonna actually play for $1 here.

As you can see the entry fees 60 cents. I’m going to pause it, because I don’t know what’s going on here. Why it keeps doing that alright now that we got the technical difficulties out of the way let’s continue the dollar game we got going on. Increased speed. Lower playback speed in settings to see real time. Alright as you can see my opponent was not as good as I was.

So I ended up winning $1, but there’s a bunch of different things you can play for. So there’s tournaments which have more than one person in them you could play for a hundred dollar tournament which cost $33 and 86 cents to enter. Four people enter into that you got a win round 1 and round 2 it’s like the semi-finals in the finals. If you win both rounds you win a hundred bucks oh you win $66.14 and Skillz makes 33 dollars and some odd cents. It’s the biggest cut that Skillz takes. You know it’s a nice reward when you win, but gotta win one out of three to break even and two out of three to make money.

Then you’ve got the head-to-head matches which you can play for as little as $1 or as much as $200 What’s the greatest thing about this game is the “Ticketz” system which allows you to win no matter what. So no matter what the results of the game is you win Ticketz. You don’t win more for winning or get less for losing get the same amount every time the more you earn the easier it is to earn more. If you play The Clash of the Titans you get 10,000 tickets Which I get a 6 times multiplier because I play this game religiously. Which is transferable to every other Skillz game too, so if you play like…

I play Bubble Shooter the most, and even though I don’t play Cube Cube as much I still get a 6 times multiplier because it’s on the Skillz platform. So you get 10,000 tickets that’s multiplied by 6 for me so in 3 minutes I make 60,000 tickets. Which you can redeem for all kinds of different things…

Bonus cash, phone cases, t-shirts. The best value for you guys would be the $100 bonus cash for 1.1 million ticketz. Or you can redeem your tickets for Amazon gift cards for 2.2 million tickets for $100 it’s all up to you whatever you feel like is best for you.

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